Join us at the annual CEVA Technology Symposium to learn how smart sensing and wireless connectivity are revolutionizing next generation intelligent machines.    

This year’s symposium will bring many exciting presentations by industry experts, including a Google keynote about Machine Learning for low power processors and an NEC keynote about satellite Sensor Fusion in space. You will also hear about the latest developments in camera and edge AI technologies for robots and autonomous devices, adaptive imaging for wide-angle cameras, V2X for future mobility, the 5G revolution, Bluetooth TWS and 3D audio for headsets, and connectivity solutions spanning Wi-Fi 6 and NB-IoT.

In addition, we will showcase our complete portfolio of smart sensing and wireless connectivity IP platforms, including new demos deploying our latest technologies:

  • Vision and deep learning – CEVA-XM powered customer chip running neural network based object recognition using the CDNN compiler
  • Sensor fusion Hillcrest Labs Motion Engine software suite for contextual perception in robotics, motion controllers and IoT
  • Voice user interface – ClearVox noise reduction and WhisPro speech recognition combined in a smart speaker reference design
  • Active Noise Cancellation – CEVA audio DSP platform with ANC software for noise free earbuds and hearables
  • Bluetooth 5.1 – RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.1 based true wireless stereo earbuds with TWS software stack
  • Wi-Fi 6 RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 low power for access points and IoT
  • 5G New Radio modem IP PentaG based 3GPP Rel-15 compliant IP platform for eMBB, FWA and Automotive
  • Cellular IoT   Dragonfly-NB2 platform SoC for complete eNB-IoT and GNSS solution

We hope to see you there!  

There will also be a lucky draw at the end of the day where you can win some of the newest and hottest gadgets.

Note: Prizes may vary by location.