Join us at the annual CEVA Technology Symposium,
where cutting-edge innovation meets
real-world implementation!

This year’s Symposium takes a deep dive into the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI)
technologies that are transforming the world around us, 
and are the core of the next
generation of smart and connected devices.

Join CEVA, leading industry experts, and solution providers for a full day of visionary and
technical sessions to understand how you can leverage the promise of AI in your future products.
Topics covered include:

  • Deep learning and neural networks for vision and sound processing
  • Imaging and computer vision for mobile, surveillance and automotive
  • Long range IoT connectivity using latest LTE and LPWAN standards
  • Multi-standard connectivity using Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi
  • Speech recognition and voice control in wireless headsets and smart-home

In addition, you will have the opportunity to interact with devices and demos deploying these
technologies in real-world use cases.

We hope to see you there!

There will also be a lucky draw at the end of the day where you can win some of the newest CEVA-powered devices.